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Black Trout Bush Bean - Phaseolus vulgaris - 25 Seeds


Product Information

Remember to cook all dry beans for 15 minutes at a rapid boil to kill toxins found naturally in all dry beans.
Plant type:  Annual, bush bean
Planting season:  Spring, Summer
Plant positioning:  Full sun
Planting and care:  Plant directly into seed beds after the last spring frost. Beans like soil that is composted but not heavily composted. Space seeds about 40cm apart. Keep moist but do not let the soil get waterlogged when bean seeds are germinating or they will rot in the soil.Try not to water too late in the evening which will lead to the leaves staying wet for long periods as this can encourage disease. To make dry beans leave the pods on the plant till the beans are dry. If you have planted too late in the season and the beans are still wet you can pull up the whole plant and hang it upside down in a dry place to complete the drying process. If you do this make sure there is enough air circulation so that the beans do not get mouldy. Do not fertise beans with nitrogen or the plant will develop excess leaves and produce very few beans. Ideal temperature for best germination is between 18-20 degrees Celcius.

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