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Keeping seeds safe for the future

With over 20 years experience growing vegetables and producing seed we at The Seed Vault™ strive to provide quality seed at the best possible price.

The Seed Vault™ hopes to enable individuals to grow their ability to become independent by growing some of thier own food. Not only will it help reduce household costs, it will give you a sense of achievement, a sense that you have accomplished something on your own, it is a great feeling when you harvest fresh vegetables that you have grown yourself and it will provide you with immeasurable satisfaction.

If you have never grown vegetables before or think you will hate growing vegetables then you really should give it a go, a lot of people find the act of growing vegetables a calming experience, as well as the fact that soil has beneficial bacteria in it that makes you feel happy. This is really scientific. Mycobacterium vaccae a bacteria found naturally in soil triggers the release of seratonin which elevates the mood and decreases anxiety.

Think your space is too small? Think again, vegetables need not take up a lot of space, add a few containers, climbing supports for vertical growth, pots and wall mounted pots. Look on the internet for creative ways to make cheap planters, there are tons of ideas. All veggies require is a little bit of fertile soil and some water.

Think you can't because you let the only house plant die? Growing veggies is really simple and quick, so if one or two of your plants don't germinate or die due to incorrect planting and care, just try again. The funny thing with growing veggies is, the more you do it the better you get at it. Its the kind of thing where someone can give you all the instruction in the world, but you will still only aquire this skill by doing it yourself.

There is also the excitement and challenge of growing something unique or rare, opening up to new flavours and experiencing a bit of the cuisine of other countries, grown right in your own back yard.

The Seed Vault™ - Keeping Seeds Safe for the Future


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