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Common Gardening Myths

Common Gardening Myths
Blossom end rot:
A common misconception is that to prevent blossom end rot you should add lime, egg shells and many other things to the soil. Blossom end rot is indeed caused by calcium deficiency, but in most cases it is not caused by a calcium deficiency in the soil but the inability of the plant to absorb calcium from the soil due to uneven watering. If you allow your tomato plants to dry out for long periods and then flush them with water the plant will more than likely exhibit blossom end rot on the fruits. The key to preventing or 'curing' blossom end rot is to water the plants consistently and evenly, do not allow them to dry out for long spells and then overwater them. Try to keep watering of plants constant and then check newly formed tomatoes to see if the problem is resolved, in most cases it should be. If proper watering of the plants is practiced and blossom end rot is still occuring then it may be advisable to add a source of calcium to the soil but the same will still apply, blossom end rot is not caused by a shortage of calcium in the soil, but by the inability of the plant to absorb calcium, so if you add calcium to the soil and still practice improper watering the fruit will still develop blossom end rot.

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