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Ananas melon - Cucumis melo - 10 Seeds


Product Information

Plant type:  Annual
Planting Season:  Spring / Summer
Plant positioning:  Full sun
Planting and care:  Compost the soil well a few weeks before planting. Seeds can be started indoors in seed trays but this is not advisable as melon seedlings are very tender and don't cope with stress well, it is best to wait for the soil to warm up to 18-19 degrees celcius minimum to ensure good germination, and then plant the seeds directly into the ground. Do not let the soil dry out during germination. Melons are not frost tolerant at all, they do not like cold winds either. Plant the seeds about 2cm deep in loose soil, and space plants about 45-55 cm apart. The seeds will germinate in 4-10 days depending on conditions and about 75-90 days for the fruit to be ready under optimal conditions. Melons can be trellised or left to grow on the ground. If growing on the ground keep an eye out for pests. The plant will make an abundance of male flowers first and then only will the female flowers begin to bloom. The blossoms require pollination to set. Water well during fruit set and try to water in the morning to avoid the plant going for long periods with wet leaves as this encourages diseases. Once the melons are growing on the vine reduce the water, dry weather produces the sweetest melons whilst too much water can make for a fast growing but bland melon, at the same time don't leave them water starved. Do not pick fruit until is is properly ripe, once picked the melon will not ripen off the plant.

Product Code: ANAQ1Z1G80


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