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LEGALITY:  By using this Website you declare and represent that you are of an age to do so in accordance with all relevant legislation. You may not use any of the products or information on the Website for any purpose that is illegal or unauthorised. You may not transmit any viruses, alter any code or use the Website for any purpose whatsoever other than for what the owner of the Website intended it for.
COPYRIGHT:  The name "THE SEED VAULT", and the Website "THE SEED VAULT" are Copyrighted and Trade Marked, and no unauthorised usage may take place.
ACCURACY OF INFORMATION:  The seller, owner, or anyone who assists the seller, owner to maintain, complete or conduct business via the Website, telephonically or in any other manner will not be held responsible if the information provided in inaccurate, incomplete, out of date, contains spelling errors or omissions of any kind. Any reliance on material is at your own risk. Any historical information on this site is provided for general information or general reference only and it is your responsibility to verifyit with more accurate and complete sources. We reserve the right to modify and update information on this site at any time, but do not accept any obligation to do so.
PRICING:  Prices are subject to change without notice and we accept no obligation to inform you or any third party of said changes.
PRODUCTS:  Products are subject to return under strict adherence to the "Returns Policy".  We have made every effort to correctly display products, colours and product information but cannot guarantee the correct operation of your software in reflecting these items, neither will we accept any responsibility for any incorrectly displayed products, colours and product information. We reserve the right to limit supply or refuse supply without submitting a reason. We reserve the right to discontinue any product or material on offer at any time without informing you. No warranty express or implied is offered with any product, merchandise, service, material or any other thing available on this Website. We do not guarantee that any product, merchandise, service, material or any other thing available on this Website will meet with your expectations whether realistic or not. We do not accept any liability in meeting your expectation of product availability.
CONTINUATION OF SERVICE:  We reserve the right to discontinue the service at any time without providing a reason or informing you.
BILLING AND ACCOUNTS:  No order will be dispatched until full payment has been received. If you pay in cash, you will need to pay the prescribed cash deposit fee or your order will not be dispatched. Orders not paid within 48hrs will be automatically cancelled unless you contact us to indicate otherwise, we will attempt to accomodate you but do not undertake or guarantee to do so.
THIRD PARTY TOOLS, LINKS AND REDIRECTIONS:  Any third party tools, links that take you off our website, or any re directed clicks or links are not under our control and are offered 'as is' with no warranties, guarantees to safety or efficacy, and we shall have no liability to you or any third party and all third party tools, links, click throughs and redirects are used at your own risk. Further we accept no responsibility nor do we monitor any third party links and accept no liability for harm or damages caused for or related to the purchase or use of products, goods, services or any other material offered or any transactions made in connection with third party tools, links and redirections.
VIRUSES, GLITCHES AND OTHER TECHNICAL MATTERS:  Whilst we take every caution within our abilities to make sure the Website is free of viruses, glitches and other technical problems that could cause you harm, we do not accept any liability for any harm caused to you or any third party, whether financial, material or otherwise in this regard. The use of this Website is at your sole risk and by using the Webite you indicate your acceptance of this risk.
COMMENTS, FEEDBACK, COMMUNICATIONS:  If you send us any creative ideas, proposals, plans, suggestions or any communication by sms, mail, post or any other form, you agree that we may at any time and without restriction edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate, or use in any manner that we see fit without having to maintain any confidentiality, or pay any compensations be they financial or in any form whatsoever. We reserve the right to remove any comments at our own discretion as to what is offensive, unlawful, obscene or otherwise objectionable in our sole opinion. You may not use false e-mail addresses, pretend to be someone else or otherwise mislead us or third parties or provide false information of any kind. You are solely responsible for comments you make and are swlely liable for the consequences of said comments.
ILLEGAL USE OF THIS SITE:  You may not use this site to track or gather information on its users whether casual browsers or customers and if found doing such you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This includes spamming, phishing and any other such untoward activity. You may not interfere with any security features of the Website in any way, including but not limited to 'hacking' for any purpose whatsoever and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if found or suspected of doing such.
LIMITATION OF LIABILITIES:  Disclaimer of Warranties:  You agree that your use or inability to use this Website and the services and products offered are entirely at your own risk. We do not guarantee, warrant, represent or make any assumptions that your use of our Webiste, service or products offered will be error free, uninterrupted, ongoing, timely or secure. All services and products are offered 'as is' without any representation as to suitability of use, warranties, guarantees, title, non-infringement, durability and including but not limited to merchantability. This limitation of liability should be seen as included in and an extension of the limitation of warranty in the "Terms and Conditions" document as listed under the "Terms and Conditions" button/tab. The same applies to indemnification as indicated in the "Term and Conditions" and should be seen as a part of the whole document called 'Terms and Conditions" as listed under the "Terms and Conditions" button/tab.
TERMINATION AND SEVERABILITY:  These terms of Use will remain in effect until terminated by us, at any time we deem fit, for whatever reason we deem fit. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions you may indicate your disagreement by not using this site. Use of this site indicates your agreement with the Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Returns Policy and any other documentation pertaining to you, including but not limited to the terms of ordering, payment and acceptance of all liabilities. Termination of use of this site for any reason, by either party does not negate payment of any monies owed to us by you. The failure to enforce any right acoording to these Terms of Use which are a part of, included in and seen as one with the Terms and Conditions document, shall not constitute a waiver of any right or provision on our part. The Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Returns Policy and any other policy, rules or regulating document superseeds any communication in any form, whether oral, written or otherwise, constitutes the agreement between you and us and govern your use of this Site. Any ambiguities, repetition, spelling errors and interpretation shall not be construed against the drafting party, the website The Seed Vault, the owner of The Seed Vault, or anyone associated with the website who performs a duty for the owner of the website, whether paid or unpaid.


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