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Giant Italian Leek - Allium porum - 100 Seeds


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Plant type:  Bi-Annual
Planting Season:  Late Summer / Autumn
Plant Positioning:  Full sun
Planting and care:  Leeks and onions are closely related. Leeks form a thick fleshy stem at the base of their course leaves whilst onions form a bulb. Leeks have a subtle slightly sweet flavour whilst onions are more pungent. Both are planted in a similar way with similar requirements. Both need a rich, loamy, well drained soil. Plant the seeds in a seed bed or open seed tray without cavities. Sow the seeds quite thick but not on top of one another. Cover lightly with soil and press down. Keep moist whilst germinating. Once the seeds have germinated grow the seedlings to about 10-15cm in height and then remove them from the seed tray or seed bed and transplant them into rows with a spacing of about 18 to 20cm in all directions. The closer onions are spaced the smaller the bulb. Leeks can be placed closer, but the same applies, the closer together the smaller and thinner the leek will grow. Water well immediately after transplanting and tansplant in the early evening to prevent wilting and allow the seedlings to set quicker. If you do not want to transplant the seedlings then the plants will need to be thinned out as they grow. The pulled onion seedlings can also be used in cooking and salads.Both prefer to be planted out in cooler weather. A light application of mulch can be added to retain soil moisture. Onions:  need a good soak about once a week. Do not overwater them as you can rot the bulb and do not plant them in a trench as water can collect and rot the bulb. Onions do well with fertilising from the beginning, but do not give too much nitrogen. Green onions can be ready for harvest in 20-30 days (spring onion type), whilst bulb onions can take anything from 100-175 days as depending on size and they need to 'die back' and dry. Leeks:  To get an extra long useable stem under the leaves plant the leeks in a trench and build up the soil as they grow. Loosen the soil around them carefully every few weeks. Leeks can take anything from 60-100 days to mature, like nitrogen and to be watered well. Begin harvesting leeks as soon as they are large enough. If you have overwintered your leeks be sure to pull them before early spring or they will send up flower stalks and after this they will be stringy and tough.

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